from Limerick Swing-


Tá mé sainth

Tá mé righth




            the postillion is struck



Tá grá álainn i mo chroí duit

And the story bout alan

involving the axe

  let´s not



Arwen, most beautiful - sleep with me

Faethe, fairy friend - stand by my side

Kerye, dark eyes - tell me all the mysterys




            tha longest nite, tha nite tha neer ends, it´ll beenough



Waking up on the highway, diamonds above

the sound of thunder in the distance

a lost dog licking in the face   stroking



Mac Oc, näckens broder

Mac Napp talking tunes of rythm

            wheel you be there

                        when I´m gone



Living my life in the forest of the fir Bolgs the broken hearts singing

drummers drumming the leep san shou of the katmandu trapping the mac

hoping one day to come through, get a lap sang in the pillow




Yer lock has changed


                                                What were you saying?


The jester sang for the king and queen

with the voice he borrowed from James Dean


                        jester lester come on fester


Dia duit ar maidin!


                                    Swear the new

                                    coming of the                          

                                    - play sun!



I do not pretend to equate my knowledge

            it´s a matter of litterature

                        few can read, nobody can write





Right there,

it´s a mess



Plantes aux hurmes vos picons

De paour des bisans si tres durs

Et aussi d'estre sur les joncs

Enmahes en coffres en gros murs


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