from The Thousand Pages

frank zappa n the wailers

scooby doo n the chippmunks

bon jovi n the bravehearts

tom petty  n the scrooges

bill hoollyday n the crackmen

david bowie n the strangelers

the trhereee musketeers n the holy men



weekends with you

wolrk day all deay through

bay att the spider

sleep with the night wathschman

sleep with the pusycayt

sleep with the honor

sleep with the christmastree

sleep with the coldness

sleep with the emptyness

sleep with the bellys

sleep with the dickman

sleep with the soft sheets

sleep with the forest

sleep with the salty water

slleep with the jungle

sleep with the language

sleep with your rounge

wleep with the tower of doom

sleep with death

sleep with cannabis

sleep with dr marteen

sleep with jack daniels

sleep with animals

sleep with airwoman

sleep with condoms

sleep with dildos

sleep with luxurywoman

sleep with sailors

sleep with friends

sleep with mountains

sleep with the pillow

sleep with the musical breakdown

sleep with skunk anansis

sleep with a gun

sleep with fun

sleep with bombs

sleep with greeks

sleep with jesus

sleep with computers

sleep with bathtub

sleep with naked sauna

sleep with marvelman

sleep with life

sleep with angels

sleep with beatifull fearies

sleep with unicorn

sleep with neurotic madman running round in cirkels screamin

sleep with former friends

sleep with former friends wives

sleep with witches

slleep with new age people

sleep with godard

slleeep with telephone

sleep with oasis

sleep with one-eye

sleep with mr smith

sleep with youngstown

sleep with films

sleep with zuzammenhang

sleep with canvas

sleep with wood

sleep with cowards

sleep with wolfs in sheepclothes

sleep with prisons

sleep with flowers

sleep with mouses

sleep with hangmen

sleep with ghosts

sleep with spirits

sleep with the night watchman

sleep with the man in al ong black tie

sleep with presidents

sleep with zeroground

sleep with sung

sleep with breasts

sleep with dogs

sleep with healing

sleep with summerrain

sleep with blackness of the night

sleep with firecrackers

sleep with storms

sleep with harmonicas

sleep with jackinabox

sleep with london

sleep with new england

sleep with crazytown

sleep with magic

sleep with silverubullit

sleep with u2

sleep with birds in skay

sleep with marrymen

sleep with timetables

sleep with work

sleep with undergrounds

sleep with verifications

sleep with mists

sleep with fists

sleep with sperm

sleep with wet underwear

slleep with heybarn

sleep with hot chocklat

sleep with two beautifull women

sleep with three beautiful men

sleep without sleeping



Magazine NOT ACTIVE!!!!
A link to a netbased magazine my friend made 2002-2007. It´s in swedish.
There are a few numbers missing I guess.
He used to take a random text that I had given him and publish without my
permission. As the years passed he knew he had my silent permission.
There are also texts by my brother, Zebovic. (nickname)

Rumbling Icey Rivers Down Here in Paradise

A snow of love

1    8      6    5


living in the shadow

4   4    4   7    6    5


Still shining sun

 1      8      6    5


come spring run river, oh God

  3          2        3    4  2    -1    1

The Drunken Dream in a Full Moon Winters Night

Oh holy shepherd, holy child,

1    5  6    5     6       7   8   7


oh holy star - I shall remember all

6    5  6   5      4   3      2    3    4    5


for love is thy name

1    5      4   -1   1

Two guys




Yaza Man and Incense Stick

heard one day the clock say tick.

They rushed away like desert storms

to escape the world of forms.


Yaza Man and Incense Stick

built a fortress brick by brick.

But one day outside a bar

they heard that Truth was found afar.


Incense Stick and Yaza Man

walked around throughout the land.

They searched high and they searched low

but their searching was too slow.


Yaza Man and Incense Stick

found an airy mystic chick.

The girl was nice but in her song

was nothing more than right and wrong.


Incense Stick and Yaza Man

couldn´t really understand.

All hope was gone and not one star

shone light, through darkness, from afar.


Then through the mist appeared a man

"with female looks", said Yaza Man.

Despair and fortune, all the same -

that was what the man did claim.


Yaza Man and Incense Stick

learned an ancient Buddhatrick.

They cleaned the floor and made their beds

with no more thoughts inside their heads.


Yaza Man and Incense Stick

lived in peace, were never sick.

They kept their minds in lowest hara

and said goodbye to old samsara.



Island Girl

When the river is dry 

and your halo is torn


Dont just cut of your heart

keep it open and shure

Keep it free from hurt

Keep an open door


Sail away while you can

and before very long

the coming tide

brings the chosen one


when there is a hope

there is a piece 

of that ancient land

where my angel sleeps


May the spirit of love

that united our souls

be a gentle dove

and guide you to your goal


when your river runs high

let it flow let it flow

it´s your time with life

to let your garden grow

from Limerick Swing-


Tá mé sainth

Tá mé righth




            the postillion is struck



Tá grá álainn i mo chroí duit

And the story bout alan

involving the axe

  let´s not



Arwen, most beautiful - sleep with me

Faethe, fairy friend - stand by my side

Kerye, dark eyes - tell me all the mysterys




            tha longest nite, tha nite tha neer ends, it´ll beenough



Waking up on the highway, diamonds above

the sound of thunder in the distance

a lost dog licking in the face   stroking



Mac Oc, näckens broder

Mac Napp talking tunes of rythm

            wheel you be there

                        when I´m gone



Living my life in the forest of the fir Bolgs the broken hearts singing

drummers drumming the leep san shou of the katmandu trapping the mac

hoping one day to come through, get a lap sang in the pillow




Yer lock has changed


                                                What were you saying?


The jester sang for the king and queen

with the voice he borrowed from James Dean


                        jester lester come on fester


Dia duit ar maidin!


                                    Swear the new

                                    coming of the                          

                                    - play sun!



I do not pretend to equate my knowledge

            it´s a matter of litterature

                        few can read, nobody can write





Right there,

it´s a mess



Plantes aux hurmes vos picons

De paour des bisans si tres durs

Et aussi d'estre sur les joncs

Enmahes en coffres en gros murs

Choral of a Non Miserable End


But his delight is in the law of the LORD; 

1      7    6  5   4   3  2  1 -1 1  2      3


and in his law doth he meditate day and night. 

1    2  3   4   5   3   2 32 1   2   4    3



But his delight is in the law of the Lord; 

1      7    6  5    4   3  2   1 -1 1  2      3


and in his law doth he meditate day and night. 

1    2  3   4   5   3   2 32 1   2   4    3




Mar chraoibh is amhluidh bithidh e 'n cois

1      7  6  5   4   3     2    1 -1   1 2   3


aimhne fàs a ta,

1   2      3  4  5

A bheir 'n a h-aimsir toradh trom,

3   2        3   2     1   2   4    3

gun duilleach chall no blàth.
7      6    5      4     3   2


Soirbhichidh leis gach ni d'an dean:

2       4     3   5    4    3   2   -1  1


(the gaelic text: And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper.)

Choral of the Bitter Orange Winter Sky

All mighty God, all mighty God I cheerish thee all mighty

1    3   4      5       4    3     2     3   4   3 2         3       2   1    1


when everyone abandons me I cheerish thee all mighty

1          3    4   5    4    3     2   3    4   3  2       3       2    1    1


Freedom is your name

8       7      8   7       5


I will cheerish thee, O Lord

5  4  5     4          2      -1   1

Choral of the Homeless January Snow

O, kingdom of heaven

1 5      4         5   3 232   1


Mother of the child

2      3    4  5       3


O, kingdom of heaven

1 5      4         5   3 232   1


Mother of the child

2      3    4  5       3


Every river has its flow

7   6     5   6   8    7   6


Every ocean has its shore

4    3     4   5     3    2     1


O, Love love love, o, love

1   5         4       2     -1    1

How to read the chorals

The chorals follow a simple Minor-scale. 
1 means the first tone - lets say a C
2 means the second - D
3 means the third - Ess
and so on... (C D Ess F G Ass Bess C)

-1 means half a tone bellow the first tone - a B

The chorals should be sung following the natural rythm of the language. 
There is no set pace. 

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