or more Words



My dear, to find what´s long forgotten...


Waves of same and life at hand:

but changing shores of Neverland

Rest and calm in cheerfull storms

O, ocean in its purest form


A shadow crab on sand performing

a sunlit act in early morning

"Forgettness me, forgettnes you..."

forever play the Great is true


In water stand you near the shore:

feet well buried like before

Tip of tounge can reach the dry

But body stuck and try and try


O, born in water heart needs land

the everlasting change of Neverland



Evening ritual

Wheresoever I might should´ve lived


Still I would have been laying here

listening to music

and felt that you were near

No more words




Every person vibrates in a sertain speed. Like tones in a musicpiece. I vibrate in a quite high speed. It´s of cource all a relative thing - compared to all people I´ve met so far. I see a pattern. People vibrating in a very slow speed sleps a lot. I think that you have, like me, a high speed vibration. Maybe higher than me, that´s possible. I can have a full time job, and studie in the weekends plus write poetry and do meditation and tai chi and so on and so forth. I´m fast. I have a feeling you are too. I think it is good that people of same vibrations meet and talk and develop. 

Museum of Modern Art: Lousiana


My head´s filled with art 

and my body´s filled with litterature




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