the cup of tea

yellow and black, pointing

over the other yellow square

klings in the distance, birds

moving, eyes, ribs, lungs

soathing stones, snowcovered

highway, dust, a penny

moving voices, cigarettes in 

the black plastic wanting, calm

chrystal water

The 100 top movies

Me and my friend Oskar made a list over our 100 best movies. 

1. Battlestar Galactica
2. Altra - Angry men without legs
3. Fight Club
4. Garden State
5. My neighbour Totoro
6. Sideways
7. Harold and Maud
8. Lost in translation
9. Pulp Fiction 
10. Matrix (ep. 1)
11. Star Wars ep. 6
12. Star Wars ep. 4
13. Star Wars ep. 5
14. Persona
15. Matropolis

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