Every person vibrates in a sertain speed. Like tones in a musicpiece. I vibrate in a quite high speed. It´s of cource all a relative thing - compared to all people I´ve met so far. I see a pattern. People vibrating in a very slow speed sleps a lot. I think that you have, like me, a high speed vibration. Maybe higher than me, that´s possible. I can have a full time job, and studie in the weekends plus write poetry and do meditation and tai chi and so on and so forth. I´m fast. I have a feeling you are too. I think it is good that people of same vibrations meet and talk and develop. 

Postat av: CND

well...I must confess I sleep a lot...compared to you at least. But when I am awake I am REALLY awake. Like this evening on the phone. There were all these colours. And language. I feel like I am on a high frequency there.

2009-01-09 @ 01:36:55

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