sol och måne

Vaknade i morse.

Var är jag?

Augustimånen, harvest moon, över skånska sädesfält, tröskor som tröskar, röken som om det var en eld lägger dimslöjor över sceneriet och månen också.


Well, so the sea today was like a mirror. Ok, not quite. But close enough. I could see the reflections of the seagulls as they were flying close to the water.
Tomorrow's my 30th birthday, kind of strange, unreal. But nice. You get to say what you want, I mean, I want this book and that thing and bla bla bla. It's cool.

My brother says that when two lies meet a truth appears.
And when two truths meet a lie appear...

Scotland Scotland über alles

Another poem in a magazine

check out issue 2 (2010)

New stuff
Two poems in this weird magazine! :)
Otherwise I'm hanging in Helsingborg, by the sea for a while, writing the book.

poetry monthly

I'm on page 24

in issue 15 of Poetry Monthly International.


Shoppingmalls troubled

by cars and a row

taking command of the

roadbuilding project

isued by the


it's high power

and no one

can lie in a shed on the field

it would be stoped


Solen och snön,

barnens lek och skrik,

fåglarnas sång.

Hon sover än, det närmar sig

lunchtid. Jag har bakat scones,

precis som förr.

a good morning

Your poems are now online:

on my gravestone


It was all O.K.

I suffered.

There were scents, and flowers, and textures, beautiful women.

I was a handsome man. I invented love.

I radiated genius for those who saw me with loving eyes.

I was happy -- I laughed and cried. Constantly new

sights and sounds. I trembled and sweated

at the sight of beauty. I laughed at strong

things because I loved them -- wanting to kick them in

and make freedom. When I go I'M GONE.

Don't resurrect me

or the duplicates of my atoms.

It was perfect!

(from Michael McClure)

Choral of a Left-over New Warmer English Morning

Info about how the chorals work, see january last year...
News are the * which means a small break/pause or that fancy music term word I can't remember.
and ^which means a smaller break than *
and (343) which means play these on one syllable,
you shouldn't bother about the ----- (the previous -1 is now written <1)
There is going to be a new morning.
There is going to be a super new day.
I've been working so hard to get my life in order
Now I'm ready for the halleluja big jubilee.

the northeast actually

In diesem Wetter
In diesm Haus (Braus)
----------as Mahler puts it
.........dark white days
................white days dark
.......................dite wark hays
-----------------------brite bobbely biteness
.................I drink YELLOW juice
......................untill there is nothing
--------left, and then I call it
.....left in a white house
-----------on a white steet
.....................on a dark day


there´s a heat so hot you can´t believe, my dear
i´m writing here and fighting here, my dear
every day I go up in the wienerwald to 
see nature and to get exercie, my dear
all well that ends well, my dear

the cup of tea

yellow and black, pointing

over the other yellow square

klings in the distance, birds

moving, eyes, ribs, lungs

soathing stones, snowcovered

highway, dust, a penny

moving voices, cigarettes in 

the black plastic wanting, calm

chrystal water

The 100 top movies

Me and my friend Oskar made a list over our 100 best movies. 

1. Battlestar Galactica
2. Altra - Angry men without legs
3. Fight Club
4. Garden State
5. My neighbour Totoro
6. Sideways
7. Harold and Maud
8. Lost in translation
9. Pulp Fiction 
10. Matrix (ep. 1)
11. Star Wars ep. 6
12. Star Wars ep. 4
13. Star Wars ep. 5
14. Persona
15. Matropolis

from The Thousand Pages

frank zappa n the wailers

scooby doo n the chippmunks

bon jovi n the bravehearts

tom petty  n the scrooges

bill hoollyday n the crackmen

david bowie n the strangelers

the trhereee musketeers n the holy men



weekends with you

wolrk day all deay through

bay att the spider

sleep with the night wathschman

sleep with the pusycayt

sleep with the honor

sleep with the christmastree

sleep with the coldness

sleep with the emptyness

sleep with the bellys

sleep with the dickman

sleep with the soft sheets

sleep with the forest

sleep with the salty water

slleep with the jungle

sleep with the language

sleep with your rounge

wleep with the tower of doom

sleep with death

sleep with cannabis

sleep with dr marteen

sleep with jack daniels

sleep with animals

sleep with airwoman

sleep with condoms

sleep with dildos

sleep with luxurywoman

sleep with sailors

sleep with friends

sleep with mountains

sleep with the pillow

sleep with the musical breakdown

sleep with skunk anansis

sleep with a gun

sleep with fun

sleep with bombs

sleep with greeks

sleep with jesus

sleep with computers

sleep with bathtub

sleep with naked sauna

sleep with marvelman

sleep with life

sleep with angels

sleep with beatifull fearies

sleep with unicorn

sleep with neurotic madman running round in cirkels screamin

sleep with former friends

sleep with former friends wives

sleep with witches

slleep with new age people

sleep with godard

slleeep with telephone

sleep with oasis

sleep with one-eye

sleep with mr smith

sleep with youngstown

sleep with films

sleep with zuzammenhang

sleep with canvas

sleep with wood

sleep with cowards

sleep with wolfs in sheepclothes

sleep with prisons

sleep with flowers

sleep with mouses

sleep with hangmen

sleep with ghosts

sleep with spirits

sleep with the night watchman

sleep with the man in al ong black tie

sleep with presidents

sleep with zeroground

sleep with sung

sleep with breasts

sleep with dogs

sleep with healing

sleep with summerrain

sleep with blackness of the night

sleep with firecrackers

sleep with storms

sleep with harmonicas

sleep with jackinabox

sleep with london

sleep with new england

sleep with crazytown

sleep with magic

sleep with silverubullit

sleep with u2

sleep with birds in skay

sleep with marrymen

sleep with timetables

sleep with work

sleep with undergrounds

sleep with verifications

sleep with mists

sleep with fists

sleep with sperm

sleep with wet underwear

slleep with heybarn

sleep with hot chocklat

sleep with two beautifull women

sleep with three beautiful men

sleep without sleeping




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